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Skincare Review – Delicious Skin

Recently I was asked by Sydney woman Nicola Marie to try her new brand of cruelty free, all natural skincare range, Delicious Skin. Ah… yes please! I’m always on the look out for quality natural skincare products, and besides I was running low on my current supply.

I’m so impressed with this range. No chemicals, pollutants or irritants, all natural, not tested on animals – so completely vegan. Included in the full range of Delicious Skin is:

A butter cleanser which honestly is the best thing I have ever put on my face. It’s like no other cleanser I’ve used in the past. It contains organic coconut oil, grape seed oil, macadamia nut wax, vanilla and essential oils.

There is a supple silk serum, made from organic rose hip oil, organic argan oil, and essential oils. It’s sensational, not thick like many other serums on the market but light and refreshing. It really ‘wakes up’ your face.

The moisturiser is a sensory delight. The smell of chocolate and vanilla reminds me of a box of delicious chocolate creams. It’s made from organic shea butter organic cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, vanilla and avocado oil. Basically youth promoting ingredients in a jar. You only need a pea size amount and it leaves your skin dewy and soft.

I’ll admit that it’s been a very long time since I’ve done a face mask. With 5 young children it would be fair to say that I don’t get a lot of ‘me’ time but after trying the exfoliating mask, I’m pretty sure I’ll trying to fit some more in. It’s made from betonite clay, organic oats, organic almonds and vanilla powder. Just mix it with 2 tablespoons of any liquid of your choice and kick back for 10 minutes. Total bliss.

No skin care range would be complete without a lip balm. Think chocolate and vanilla kisses.

Did I mention that it’s totally affordable? Bonus!

In summary, quality skincare that is natural, cruelty free and affordable. In other words it’s the complete package. You can buy online now here http://www.deliciousskin.com.au As Nicola Marie states, Nourish your skin. Nourish your soul. Be Delicious!



Blackberry Jam and Cream Smoothie

20140604-051427 PM-62067620.jpg

Even though it is winter, I still need my frozen fruit meals. This reminds me of my childhood.
For the base:
Blend 1 cup of frozen blackberries
1 ripe banana
200 mls of filtered water

For the top:
Blend 1 ripe banana
1-2 frozen bananas
1 vanilla pod
1 tablespoon of cacao nibs

Pour blackberry jam into a suitable vessel and place a huge dollop of banana cream on top.  Stick your spoon in and push your ice cream top down into your jam. Revisit your childhood 😀